Special Events

Screenplay Development Group | StoryBoardDG.com presents amazing workshops and seminars from time to time apart from our outstanding regular monthly meetings. Regular StoryBoard members can attend these Special Events at a special discounted rate. There are currently no Special Events scheduled. Here are some of our past Special Events:

The Art of Pitching with Diana Lesmez

Story and Structure Workshop with Wendell Wellman

Writing for TV, Cable, and New Media with Bill Taub

Screenwriters Master Class with James V. Hart

The Business Side of Screenwriting

How to Reach Producers

Case Study: The Graduate

The Business of Screenwriting
in the Age of Digital and Social Media

…and more to come!

6 thoughts on “Special Events

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  2. I have sent a couple of emails. I registered and paid for this event on Friday April 21. I still do not have an email with clearance to get on the Fox Lot. Please contact me.


    • Our apologies. Thank you for contacting us here. I see that Scott looked into this issue Monday afternoon. I hope he was able to get it resolved in time for you join us on the lot and that you enjoyed the Master Class event.


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  5. What are the steps when becoming an independent filmmaker pitching your script to a major motipn pictire studio such as paramount or warner bros but with your own money and capital


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