The Art of Pitching

Of course you need a good idea and a well executed screenplay, but can you pitch it? Learn the essential skills of how to be good “in a room” and launch your writing career!

Diana LesmezDiana Lesmez will present a comprehensive session which includes:

Logistics of Preparing for The Pitch. Who to Pitch, How & When. Elements of the Pitch (Theme, Passion & Tone, Genre, Universality, Uniqueness, Characters). World Markets. Tent-Poles, Twists & Highlights. Resolution/Ending. Types of Pitches (Verbal & Written Loglines, The Elevator Pitch, The 2-Minute Pitch & the 5-Minute Pitch, The Written Pitch, The Television Pitch). Pitching the Business Plan (High Risk Investments vs ROI; Budget, Schedule, Locations and Tax; Incentives & Comparables; Markets & Territories; Cast; Key Team Members). Personality Traits & Identity Classification. Self-talk and the Need for Validation. Cultural, Gender & Age-related Nuances. Current Paradigms of Communication: Limitations to self-expression and interference with effective pitching. Building Context in the Listener: Using a New Paradigm of Communication to Achieve Effective Pitching.

This StoryBoard Special Event occurred on:
Monday, August 24, 2015

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DIANA LESMEZ is an independent writer, producer, and director for her company, The StoryMaker Entertainment. Her screenwriting has placed her as a finalist in the Walt Disney Fellowship Program, Broad Humor Film Festival, and Slamdance Screenwriting Competition. Her vast background in the entertainment industry includes developing film projects for Atlantic Streamline (Igby Goes Down) and Patriot Pictures (Air Force One) and she has taught at the New York Film Academy and the Los Angeles Film School. Diana also offers pitching, producing, distribution, and marketing consulting services through her Bumptious Media Consulting banner.