Dedicated to the mastery of feature film screenwriting, analysis, and development since 1981.storyboardsessionwide500

Meet on the 20th Century Fox studio lot for analysis and in-depth discussions of current feature film screenplays!


Our goal is to schedule screenplays for discussion at the time of their film’s release so we can talk about the writing and what is on the page before people are influenced by what is on the screen.

We encourage everyone to see the film afterward to see how it turns out and how well it transitioned from page to screen, as it can help improve your own screenwriting.


Each month a different moderator leads our discussion. These moderators are among the best teachers, authors, coaches, consultants, and professionals in the business. You will have the opportunity to meet each of them individually. Over time, with membership, you will experience a variety of analytical styles and approaches to the craft of screenwriting.


Guests and prospective members should be actively involved in screenwriting and/or filmmaking and be familiar with established screenwriting principles and structure. For more information on attending your first meeting or becoming a member, please see the registration page.

Screenplay Development Workshops

StoryBoard Development Group offers screenplay development workshops for members who have written or are attached to a screenplay. In these workshops, which are scheduled on a date other than our regular meetings, participating members analyze and discuss your screenplay and offer constructive feedback. Workshopped scripts have been optioned, produced, received distribution deals, and won awards.

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  1. Hi, just sent you a payment for Knives Out, however, it was my first (and last) time using PayPal and I didn’t see the “add a note” thing, so you don’t have any info on who I am. Please contact me about this.


    • Hi, TavieAnna. Thank you for signing up to attend this meeting. For questions like this it is best to contact StoryBoard directly at StoryBoardDG@gmail.com. This contact info appears at the bottom of the registration page, but I do apologize that things like that are sometimes hard to find. I’ll see what I can do to correct that. In the mean time, I have just forwarded your questions to them. I hope the problem gets resolved to your satisfaction. Sorry for the confusion. Sincerely, the webmaster.


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